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33, rue Lamoricière - BP 98849
44188 Nantes Cedex 4

Tel : +33 (0)2 40 48 72 79

Fax : +33 (0)2 40 48 82 69

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Racine Nantes

Capital of the Grand-Ouest area of France, Nantes is the sixth largest French urban area. Between its service sector and its industry, the Nantes economic fabric acts as a model due to its dynamism and appeal. The law firm, which became part of Racine in 2008, has been established in the area for more than fifty years.

With its 31 lawyers, including 8 partners, Racine Nantes acts for its clients in both an advisory and dispute resolution capacity in all areas of business law for a client base made up of national and international groups and SMEs.

Close to its clients, the office acts as a true partner for businesses and managers, providing them responsiveness, security and pragmatism.

The office’s various departments work daily in close collaboration and in total synergy, thus fostering a comprehensive approach and enhanced understanding of the stakes and challenges of the matters entrusted to them.

With a resolutely dynamic and committed outlook, the lawyers at Racine Nantes are actors in the local economy and are also members of various professional associations.

Aware of the importance of anticipating the constant changes in their clients’ economic and legal landscapes, training is a key aspect of their work. To this end, the firm is listed as a training organisation.

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A national interprofessional agreement "for a successful implementation of Telework" concluded on November 26, 2020

[This flash news is only available in French]
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News flashes


Covid-19 - Phase 3: between flexibility and vigilance of companies to ensure the health and safety of employees

This news flash is written in french. Après quelques semaines de reprise d’activité post confinement, les entreprises ont expérimenté le retour au travail et maintenu en tout ou partie le travail à distance par le recours au télétravail alors que le risque de pandémie s’éloigne mais...
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News flashes


The collective performance agreement: a post-Covid-19 tool

This news flash is written in french. A l’heure de la reprise d’activité post-confinement, de nombreuses entreprises s’interrogent sur la réorganisation de leur activité afin de répondre au mieux aux enjeux économiques de la sortie de crise, anticiper la fin du dispositif d’activité...
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