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40 rue de Courcelles
75008 Paris

Tel : +33 1 44 82 43 00

Fax : +33 1 44 82 43 43

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Racine Paris

Founded in 1981, Racine Paris has about 80 lawyers and paralegals, including 27 partners.

Racine Paris has a “full service” approach to business law in advisory and litigation matters. Our Paris lawyers work closely with Racine’s other offices in France and abroad: Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Strasbourg and Brussels.

Dedicated and pragmatic, our lawyers accompany our clients by providing them with innovative solutions for their day-to-day activities, support for their strategic projects and crisis management.

We strive to build solid and lasting partnership relationships with our clients. Racine acts for businesses from a variety of industry and service sectors, professional and inter-professional organisations and public bodies. In Paris, the firm has developed particular expertise in the luxury, media, real estate, agribusiness, and distribution sectors.

Racine is a member of TAGLaw and the OMNIA network, and maintains close relationships with a number of foreign law firms.


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Posting of employees to France by an employer based abroad - Part 1

Decree No. 2019-555 and Order of 4 June 2019 on various measures relating to employee posting and stepping up the fight against illegal employment Overview of the legal framework applicable to transnational posting to France Definition of posting: French laws and regulations on transnational...
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Dismissal without due reason or cause: damage compensation ordered by the courts in France

Discover the newsflash about dismissal without due reason or cause: damage compensation ordered by the courts in France.
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News flashes


Anxiety damage : an ever-expanding field of application

L’indemnisation du préjudice d’anxiété avait d’abord été réservée aux salariés exposés à l’amiante éligibles à l’ACAATA, avant d’être étendue à ceux craignant de développer une maladie liée à l’amiante mais non éligibles à l’ACAATA (Cass. ass. plén., 5 avr....
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