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9-10 Place du Temple Neuf
67000 Strasbourg

Tel : +33 (0)3 88 21 10 20

Fax : +33 (0)3 88 21 10 21

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Racine Strasbourg

Racine Strasbourg is one of the oldest law firms in the region - it was born from a law firm created in 1919.

Comprising 19 lawyers, including 11 partners, Racine Strasbourg acts in both an advisory and dispute resolution capacity on behalf of regional and national companies and institutional clients and those of bordering countries, as well as on behalf of public bodies and individuals. The firm joined Racine in 2013.

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Racine ranked in the Top 100 edition of Décideurs Magazine

In the latest TOP 100 edition of Decideurs Magazine, Racine is ranked:8th French law firm in terms of staff on 150 referenced firms 10th French law firm in terms of turnover on 50 referenced firmsThanks to our team for their involvment and to our clients for their trust!
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Racine is ranked in the new "Public actors and companies" edition of Décideurs Magazine

The public law team is ranked in different categories in Décideurs :Commercial urban planning : Key player Town planning and development : Excellent Owned public domain : Excellent Renewable energy law : Strong reputation Market regulation : Stronf reputation Taxation of urban planning : Strong...
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Racine wishes you a very successful 2020!

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