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Public law - Energy


Public law covers all interactions between economic actors and the administration. These interactions may be found in 100,000 annual public contracts representing represent €80 billion. More generally, given the number of regulated professions and activities (health, agriculture, security, energy, etc.), these interactions make up entire swathes of our economy.

Finally, public law sits at the heart of building and development initiatives. Compliance with town planning, environmental regulations, safety, accessibility or still yet overall commercial equilibrium is ensured by the administration, which authorizes transactions relating to 38 million square meters annually.

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Public contracts, regulated activities, town planning

Racine is active in each of these three central areas: public contracts, regulated activities and town planning.

We exclusively represent project owners, whether public or private, and act both as advisors and litigators.

Our six-partner strong Public Law department leads a team of about 20 lawyers. The team strives to furnish efficiency and pragmatism so that it may provide public players true decision-making capacity and help private developers navigate an often-complex administrative environment.

We also work closely with the firm’s other departments, and in particular the real estate, corporate and agri-food departments.



  • Analysis of state aid and European subsidies
  • Management of regulated professions and activities


  • Execution and performance of public contracts (works concessions, service concessions, public-private partnerships)


  • Assistance with drafting town planning documents
  • Advice and assistance in connection with various administrative authorizations
  • Environnemental issue management

Law of the public service

  •  Territorial, hospital and state civil service.
  • Counseling, support and legal representation in disciplinary litigation, promotion, grading, trade union rights, functional protection, and more generally on all issues related to the status of public servants and contractual agents under public law.



  • Legal 500 - 2023: Public Law
  • Décideurs - 2023: Public Law
  • Best Lawyers - 2023: Individual ranking
  • Décideurs - 2022: Public Law
  • Best Lawyers - 2022: Individual ranking
  • Legal 500 - 2022: Public Law
  • Legal 500 - 2021: Public law
  • Best Lawyers - 2021: Classements individuels
  • Legal 500 - 2021: EU Law, Competition and Distribution
  • Le Point - 2021: Public


  • 2015: Palmarès des cabinets d’avocats Lyon

    Public law: Bronze trophy

  • 2015: Trophées du droit et du contentieux

    Entrepreneurial firm over five years old: Gold trophy

  • 2018: Palmarès des cabinets d'avocats

    Town planning: Silver Trophy

  • 2018: Top Legal

    Top Legal

  • 2019: Trophées du droit et du contentieux

    Public Contracts: Silver Trophy

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