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Racine international

Racine assists its clients with their international activities:

– Support and advice for foreign clients on the legal and financial issues linked to their establishment and growth in France;

– Support and advice for French clients on the legal and financial issues linked to their establishment and growth abroad;

– Support and advice for French clients with respect to transactions carried out in France and having one or more international aspects (e.g., foreign party, language of documentation and negotiations, etc.).

Our desks


Italian Desk

After Germany and the United Kingdom, France is the main market in Europe for Italian small and medium-sized enterprises. Indeed, business between...
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United States Desk

Racine assists French clients with their transactions in the United States, and assists American clients with the French legal aspects of their...
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Africa Desk

Today, the image of Africa is one of a continent developing at great speed and which is a leading destination for direct foreign investment projects...
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German Desk

Racine’s German Desk helps its French clients with respect to their transactions in the German-speaking market, and our German, Austrian and...
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Scandinavia Desk

Racine assists Danish and other Scandinavian businesses in their development projects in France, and French clients in the context of their...
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Our business partners

We possess the following key assets which we use to successfully complete our missions:

Mobilisation of our multicultural lawyers

whose technical and linguistic skills, culture and experience allow for a better understanding of the stakes involved in international matters.

Capacity to act globally

hanks to a network comprising more than 140 law firms throughout close to 100 countries (Multilaw, OMNIA, Racine’s foreign offices (Brussels) and other partnerships)

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