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Insurance - Civil Liability


Racine has developed very specific expertise in the area of Insurance Law – Civil Liability.

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We primarily act on behalf of a clientele made up of French and foreign insurers, brokers and major companies, in the following areas:

  • Errors and omissions insurance (builders, suppliers, manufacturers, estate agents, diagnosticians, insurance agents, regulated professions…)
  • Medical liability insurance (physicians, public hospitals and private care facilities)
  • Road accidents and industrial accidents litigation
  • Physical damages
  • Property and casualty insurance: fire, natural disasters
  • Life insurance and benefits
  • Industrial and environmental risk insurance: physical damage insurance, defective products, serial risks

We assist our clients during

  • voluntary appraisals
  • court-ordered appraisals

and defend their interests in:

  • judicial proceedings
  • administrative proceedings
  • arbitration proceedings

of the team

Classements récents :

  • Décideurs - 2016: Insurance
  • Décideurs - 2016: Health – Pharmaceutical
  • Décideurs - 2017: Insurance
  • Décideurs - 2017: Health / Pharmaceutical
  • Décideurs - 2018: Health / Pharmaceutical

Trophées récents :

  • 2015: Trophées du droit et du contentieux

    Entrepreneurial firm over five years old: Gold trophy

  • 2017: Trophées du droit et du contentieux

    Multi-office firm and regional firm: Silver trophy

  • 2018: Top Legal

    Top Legal

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When anti money laundering is applying to insurance

Emilie Buttier and Marie Favreau write an article in the Argus de l’Assurance entitled: “When anti money laundering is applying to insurance”
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Emmanuelle Ménard leads a training session at the Journées actualités Dalloz

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