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Training adapted to the needs of each client

Racine (which is registered as a training organisation with DIRECCTE IDF (no. 11754521575) offers training modules to businesses which are adapted to the specific needs of each client.

Training sessions cover every area of business law and are taught by our partners, some of whom teach regularly, notably as university professors.

Conducting your training

Racine is a training organisation registered under no. 11754521575.

The aim of the training sessions is to help clients understand the issues arising from the constant developments in legislation and jurisprudence.

Training sessions may be carried out in the firm’s premises, where we have adjustable meeting rooms that allow for video projection, or at the clients’ premises.

Paying for your training

  • OPCA (Organisme Paritaire Collecteur Agréé)

Training sessions can be paid for using your OPCA (approved professional/vocational training fund), for example, FAFIEC, AGEFOS, AFDAS, etc.

  • Training programmes eligible for professional training financing

The training we offer qualifies as professional training, and, as such, can be financed using the 1% professional training fund.

  • Your Individual Right to Training Days  

You can also make use of your DIF (Droit Individuel à la Formation) (Individual Right to Training Days scheme). 
For further information on the DIF, see

Knowledge Management

Racine guides and supports its clients thanks to innovative and intuitive legal development monitoring tools.

Brèves d’actualités provides you with monthly updates on key developments in the law occurring in the various areas of business law and that correspond to the firm’s practice areas. Each development may be identified through a title, followed by a summary, and the full source text is accessible with a simple click.

Subscription to the site is free.


Brèves en lignes lists all the court rulings that have appeared in Brèves d’actualités using a simplified format (“one decision, one line”) within the framework of a dedicated tree hierarchy with a link to the full text. To date, more than 3,000 decisions have been referenced here.


The database is accessible for free at:

Objectives :

  • To provide access to reactive, relevant and concise information to those working in the legal professions.
  • To share commented information with our clients.

As a general matter, Racine regularly publishes doctrinal publications. These articles, written by partners from our various practice areas, contribute to reflections on changes in their speciality areas. You can find these publications on this website.

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