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Posting of employees to France by an employer based abroad – Part 2

Introduction of European Directive (EU) 2018/957 of 28 June 2018 concerning the posting of workers (Order No. 2019-116 of 20 February 2019)


  • Framework for employee postings to France on a temporary basis;
  • Increased application of French law in the role as host country;
  • Fight against fraudulent arrangements;
  • Limitation on social dumping linked to differences in status between posted employees and local employees;

New rules applicable with effect from 30 July 2020

  • Increase in compulsory rules applicable to posted employees;
  • Setting a maximum duration of posting: after 12 months, all provisions of the Employment Code apply to employees;
  • New obligations applicable to the user company (even when it is based outside of France) relating to posting of temporary workers and increased sanctions

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