[Event] Eric Barbry will speak on June 12 at a conference about new trends in tourism & e-tourism consumption

Eric Barbry will speak on June 12 at the annual conference of the Raffour Interactive firm, firm of studies and marketing research specializing in tourism. The conference will focus on new trends in tourism and e-tourism consumption. Eric Barbry will focus on best practices in the field of e-tourism law.


  • Guy Raffour – Raffour Interactif
  • Serge Mesguich – BPI
  • Emmanuel Toromanof – APST
  • Philippe Violier – Esthua d’Angers
  • Jean Pochoy – Azureva
  • Cécile Leonhard – Atout France
  • Patrick Levy – Morbihan Tourisme
  • Fabien Soulet – TGV Lyria
  • Olivier Pinna – SNCF Mobilité
  • Olivier Daloze – Wallonie Belgique Tourisme
  • Christophe Boniface – ANCV
  • Arnaud Bommart – Bouygues Telecom

Detailed program and registration here

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