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  • Paris

  • Paris

Languages : French, English

Paris Bar (2010)
Counsel at Racine since 2020

Contact :

Tel : +33 1 44 82 43 00

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Associate at Racine (2014 – 2019)


Master, private law (Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne)



  • Chambers - 2022: Employment
  • Chambers - 2021: Employment
  • Legal 500 - 2021: EU Law, Competition and Distribution
  • Le Point - 2021: Social
  • Chambers - 2021: Employment
  • Décideurs - 2018: Employment law
  • Legal 500 - 2018: Employment


  • 2023: Sommet du Droit

    Social reorganizations

  • 2015: Trophées du droit et du contentieux

    Entrepreneurial firm over five years old: Gold trophy

  • 2018: Top Legal

    Top Legal

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Racine announces the appointment of three new counsels : Gladys Annaïmi, Elise Mialhe et Maud Seraine

Racine announces the appointment of Gladys Annaïmi (Employment law), Elise Mialhe (Employment law) and Maud Seraine (Real Estate – Construction) as Counsel. Read the entire press release by clicking on the button below or here
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News flashes


Theme 2 - Reform of the dismissal notice

Discover our second informatio5n sheet related to the Macron Ordinances, devoted, this week, to instituting the reform of the dismissal notice.
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News flashes


Theme 1 - Simultaneous, collective mutual termination agreements

Discover our first information sheet related to the Macron Ordinances, devoted, this week, to instituting the simultaneous, collective mutual termination agreements.
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