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  • Paris

  • Paris

Languages : French, English

Paris Bar (2005)
Associate at Racine since 2010

Contact :

Tel : +33 1 44 82 43 00

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Azema-Zysman, associate in business law (2005-2010)

European Parliament Administration (Luxembourg / Bruxelles) (2001-2002)

Teaching and research assistant (Université de Lille)(1997-2001)


Lecturer (2001)

Doctorate, European Union law (2000)

Master (DEA), international and community economic law (1994)



  • 2015: Trophées du droit et du contentieux

    Entrepreneurial firm over five years old: Gold trophy

  • 2018: AI

    AI – Global Excellence Awards

  • 2018: Global Law Experts 2018

    Global Law Experts

  • 2018: Top Legal

    Top Legal

  • 2019: ACQ5


  • 2019: Global Law Experts 2019

    Global Law Experts

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Samuel Crevel, and his team received 3 international trophies.

Samuel Crevel and his team received 3 international awards for their practice in agriculture and agri-business law: – Global Excellence Awards – Global Law Expert Awards – ACQ5 Awards named Racine as the firm of the year in the agricultural sector Congratulations to the whole team...
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