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Racine advises Teledyne in the context of the clearance by the European Commission of a large State aid project in the microelectronics sector

Racine advises Teledyne in the context of the clearance by the European Commission of its important project of common European interest in the microelectronics sector (IPCEI ME/CT).

The European Commission approved on 8 June 2023 a 8.1 bn€ State aid granted by 14 European Member States, including France, to 56 participants undertaking 68 projects in order to create a new IPCEI that will target the entire semiconductor value chain. It is the largest IPCEI ever approved to date in terms of number amount of aid.

These projects aim at enabling the digital and green transformation by: (i) creating innovative microelectronics and communication solutions, and (ii) developing energy-efficient and resource-saving electronics systems and manufacturing methods. They will contribute to the technological advancement of many sectors, including communications (5G and 6G), autonomous driving, artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

Teledyne’s project under this IPCEI consists in the development of low volumes advanced systems in package (“SiP”) products and related chiplets and medium volumes flip-chip advanced packaging capabilities, as well as SiP services. The types of chiplets to be used include those where Teledyne e2v is an established leader such as data conversion at microwve frequencies, digital chips and image sensors but will also include third party chips in the same and in other types of electronic functionalities, either developped by customers or sourced from other parties.

SiP encompasses a number of integrated circuits. SiP usually refers to several dies in the same package, each die can be of different silicon technology and perform different functions of a system.

Racine assisted Teledyne to secure the State aid before the European Commission.

Racine’s team was led by Bastien Thomas, partner, assisted by François Aubin and Cécilia Pataut, associates.