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  • Bordeaux

  • Bordeaux

Languages : French, English

Bordeaux Bar (1993)
Partner since 1999

Contact :

Tel : +33 (0)5 56 01 31 85

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First secretary of the Bordeaux Bar’s Confèrence du stage, 1995

Partner with SCP BURAUD prior to joining Racine in 1999


Masters (DESS) in Business and Tax Law

Bar admission exam (CAPA), 1993



Gestion de contentieux sériels dans le domaine de l’assurance construction (photovoltaïques, piscines, éoliennes domestiques)
Gestion de contentieux sériels dans le domaine du risque produits défectueux (bardage, panneaux photovoltaïques)


Professor on construction insurance at ICH-CNAM Aquitaine since 2002

Communication in the context of training and seminars on insurance law on behalf of ICH-CNAM Aquitaine and DALLOZ FORMATION

Communication in the context of seminars organised by insurance companies on the topic of prescriptions in construction insurance and on current topics in the areas of construction law and construction insurance

Training on the topic of construction insurance and complex issues, organised by the MONITEUR Group


Published work: Constructors’ Liability, pub. L’Harmattan 2003 (jointly with Sabine Bertolaso)

Publications on constructor liability law and construction insurance:
“Work on existing buildings: builders’ warranties and insurance”, Constr.-urb., chron. May 2007

“What happens to the subcontractor after the decree of 8 June 2005” (in collaboration with Sabine Bertolaso), Constr.-urb., Chron. Nov. 2006.

“Regulatory worksite commencement declaration (DROC) or worksite commencement: Discussions aren’t over yet”, Constr.-urb., chron. Nov. 2005

“2012 Energy Regulations and builders’ liability”, (Sheets 1/6 to 6/6), Published in May and June 2011 in “Le Moniteur”
“Energy renovations stand the test of civil liability”, (jointly with Sabine Bertolaso), Constr.-urb., no. 2, February 2016, case study 3

RACINE’s Construction Insurance newsletter (jointly with Sabin eBertolaso): bi-monthly newsletter, nos. 1 to 9 – RACINE IARD (fire, accident and multi-risk insurance) bulletin (jointly with Sabine Bertolaso): quarterly publication, nos. 1 to 6

Articles published on LinkedIn: “Beneficiary of building defects insurance indemnities: a welcome turnaround!”, published in October 2016; “Building defects insurance: The scope of the sanction on defaulting insurers”, published in September 2016; “Building defects
insurance: reminders on the time period within which to report the casualty”, published in June 2016; “Building defects insurance: The scope of the sanction on defaulting insurers”, November 2016; “Exclusion of replacement expenses for furnished property and/or remediation of defective work: Sleight of hand to the detriment of insurers”, published in November 2016; “Emergency expertise procedure and time limits: The race is over!”, published in December 2016; “Builder’s fraudulent misconduct: Unfinished business”, published in January 2017; “Validity of warranty conditions and exclusions: Sailing in murky waters”, published in January 2017; “Respective domains of 1792-7 and 1792 of the French Civil Code: First clarification!”, published in February 2017



  • Décideurs - 2021: Risk Management & Insurance
  • Legal 500 - 2021: Legal 500 EMEA
  • Le Point - 2021: Real estate – Construction
  • Chambers - 2021: Real Estate
  • Décideurs - 2021: Construction, Promotion, Infrastructures
  • Décideurs - 2018: Health / Pharmaceutical
  • Chambers - 2018: Real Estate
  • Legal 500 - 2018: Real Estate
  • Décideurs - 2018: Real Estate – Construction
  • Le Point - 2019: Insurance law
  • Le Point - 2019: Real Estate – Construction
  • Legal 500 - 2019: Real Estate – Construction
  • Chambers - 2019: Real Estate
  • Décideurs - 2019: Risk, Management, Insurance and Litigation
  • Décideurs - 2019: Real Estate – Construction


  • 2015: Palmarès des cabinets d'avocats

    Real Estate – Construction: Gold trophy

    Real estate – Construction : Silver trophy

  • 2015: Palmarès des cabinets d’avocats Lyon

    Real Estate – Construction: Gold trophy

  • 2015: Trophées du droit et du contentieux

    Entrepreneurial firm over five years old: Gold trophy

  • 2018: Top Legal

    Top Legal

  • 2018: Trophées du droit et du contentieux

    Real estate operations – transaction and financing: jury special prize

  • 2019: Trophées du droit et du contentieux

    Commercial Leases: Silver Trophy

    Real Estate – Promotion: Gold Trophy

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Congratulations to our teams ranked in the following categories: Construction litigation (including insurance) : Key player Real estate development : Excellent Contracts, works and advice : Excellent
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Racine ranked as Key Player in the category "Construction Litigation" in the 2019 guide of Décideurs.

Racine ranked as Key Player in the category “Construction Litigation” in the 2019 guide of Décideurs. (Jean-Philippe Lorizon, Nelson Segundo, Emmanuelle Menard, Jean-Pierre Hounieu, Nicolas Wood, Gilles Apcher, Jerome Gautier) The ranking here
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Ranking : Décideurs Promotion & Construction - Construction Litigation (including insurance)

Racine is classified “Incontournable” in the 2018 guide “Promotion & Construction – Construction Litigation (including insurance)” of Décideurs. (Jean-Philippe Lorizon, Nelson Segundo, Nicolas Boytchev, Emmanuelle Menard, Nicolas Bois) The ranking here
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